Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation Review

Hi all! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour with Comfort Serum. It does have an SPF of 20. It is marketed as a full coverage, skin perfecting foundation. I purchased this in 091 Light Ivory. I couldn’t decide between this shade or the next shade up. The Light Ivory is still a little light for my skin, but since we are heading into the winter months it should work just fine.

The claims on this product is that it is long lasting, transfer proof, and full coverage for flawless looking skin. After testing this out for the last couple of weeks in a variety of situations and events. The longest I wore this was about 10 hours. It lasted that entire time. There were a couple of spots where it wore off a bit, which was to be expected, but it did last all day. I mentioned before that this was a little light for my skin tone, however by the end of the day it matches almost perfectly. Yes this does oxidize a bit but not so much that by the end of the day you look like an Oompa Loompa. I don’t believe anything is completely sweatproof, but this foundation comes pretty darn close.

I apply this with a beauty blender and it does thin out the formula a bit, so it becomes more of a medium coverage foundation, considering it wears well, I don’t mind. If I get to warm, it does start to feel little strange on the skin, but it still looks pretty good.

I would rate this foundation as an 8/10.

Have a great day!!

Nivea Lip Butter

Hi all! Today I’m bringing you a review on the Nivea Lip Butter in Smooth Kiss. This has been out for a couple of years now. I purchased mine from Walgreens well over a year ago. I had a coupon for $3 off two Nivea products. Walgreens also had a sale going on for Nivea lip products 2 for $5.


I used this every morning and evening before bed almost every single day. This kept my lips smooth and moisturized throughout the entire winter season. I didn’t have single day of dry chapped lips. The smooth kiss “flavor” is a neutral flavor. By neutral, I mean that there is no scent or flavor. In the morning I use a light layer. In the evening, I put a pretty thick layer on because there is much more time to allow it to sink in. The only con about this is that it comes in a tin that you have to use your finger to get it out.


I have a few other lip balms that I need to use up including this one, but I will definitely repurchasing this. Rating: 9/10

NOTW: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Sapphire Flare

Happy Monday all! This week’s nail color of choice is a nice dark blue. While it is a dark blue, it is not a navy blue. I was extremely surprised by the quality of the formula. For those that want to rock black nails, but find it too harsh with your skin tone, I recommend this shade. Next week I will share another alternative to black nails. This formula is a nice cream formula. If you are careful enough you may be able to do one coat and still look fabulous. I was doing my nails with such a thin coat that they needed a second coat just to even out the color. I may start showing photos after one coat and after two coats. Is that something that you would be interested in? Let me know. I am more than willing to do that.


I know this isn’t the best photo. I’m having trouble e-mailing my photos to myself. What nail colors have you been wearing? Have a great week!

Sephora, Target, Bath and Body Works Haul

Hi friends! Yesterday I shared with you my shopping tips. I also began my Christmas shopping and I thought I would share a few things that I picked up. Don’t worry none of them will be reading this post, the surprise won’t be ruined!

I’m going to start with the newest member of the family. My adorable nephew, who will be three months old by the time Christmas comes around. I highly suggest checking out Target for great clothing options for a great price. I picked up two little outfits for him. Both have onesies with a pair of pants with them. One outfit was $14.99 and the other was $16.99, with the Cartwheel App, I got an additional 30% off. If you haven’t downloaded the app, I think you should.

IMG_0799 IMG_0801

For my mother, my sister and I picked up the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette and the travel size of the Benefit They’re Real mascara. I know it isn’t good to share eye makeup products, but if I can I will try and do a swatch and review after Christmas.

For a coworker, I picked up the Twisted Peppermint body cream. She loves this scent and has it in a smaller size. Now this I actually picked up for free with purchase. I had a coupon from a mailer that had an offer for a free Signature Collection Item up to a $13 value. My sister picked up four scentportable refills for her car. They had the 2 for $6 or 4 for $10 deal going on.


I also picked up a backup of the Becca by Jaclyn Hill highlighter in Champagne Pop. I know my first one will last me absolutely forever, but I’m absolutely blown away by it. I fell in love with highlighters and can’t wait to try others. I also picked up a new 2016 planner from Target. Not pictured: a free panty from Victoria’s Secret and a box of popcorn.


I hope you enjoyed my haul. If you want to see more of what I pick up through the holiday season. Let me know! I hope this gives you a couple of gift ideas. Have a fantastic Sunday!

Christmas Shopping Tips

While I realize we have yet celebrated Thanksgiving, the Christmas shopping season is quickly approaching. I thought I would share a few tips that I try to follow when it comes Christmas shopping and kind of shopping in general. Here are my tips:

  • I can not urge this enough, go with a list. Whether it is a list of items you have to pick up or gifts for people for Christmas.
  • Set a budget and KEEP IT!
  • Look for deals BEFORE you go shopping. This helps with unneccssary purchases and is a little nicer on the wallet.
  • Shop online. Sometimes you can find a better deal online. I know some have problems with providing their information over the internet. I suggest use a credit card rather than a bank card, and shop only through trusted sites.
  • Coffee or Tea or Hot Chocolate, whatever helps you get through the mad rush of Christmas shopping. My favorites are Peppermint White Mocha and Peppermint Hot Chocolate. What are yours?
  • Go with friends! This may or may not be a good thing. Go with someone that will help you keep to your budget.
  • Start early if you can. I like to start early. Sometimes throughout the year if I see something that looks like it will be a great gift for someone, I pick it up. One thing off the list, and the feeling of accomplishment.

Those are my few tips with getting through the holiday shopping season. Do you have any tips? What gets you through holiday shopping? Share below. I’m sure we can all use the help. Have a great Saturday!

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2

Happy Friday the 13th!! I’m very excited about this post because this is my very first item from Lorac ever. Last week while I was walking around Ulta trying to find the perfect gift for my sister’s 21st birthday, I saw that they still had the Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2. I don’t know if any of you remember when the first one came out. It sold out very quickly and was very difficult to get a hold of. I know I was bummed when I couldn’t find it.


A little about the palette. It has 32 shadows, 16 mattes and 16 shimmers. One of my favorite things about the overall packaging is the tips included on the back of the box. There are three different eye shadow looks. One is strictly matte, one is strictly shimmer, and the third is a combination of both. I also love the shade of blue used. ¬†Also, all of the shadows can be used wet or dry. I am hesitant to use anything wet and dry because I don’t always have the best of luck with it.


My overall opinion of the layout and the variety of shades offered are amazing. There are plenty of neutrals, to create endless neutral everyday looks. Now for the fun colors as I like to call them. I am normally a nude, neutral eye look type girl. This palette makes me really excited to try out something new and out of my comfort zone. At first glance, I’m really excited to start playing around with melon, tangerine, forest, goji, cabernet, blue quartz and gold leaf. I have a feeling that gold leaf will be used a ton this holiday season!

Have you tried this palette out yet? What are your thoughts? I hope that you enjoy this intro to the palette. Look out for new looks and a full review coming soon!! Have a great weekend!

Rainy Day Happenings

Today’s post is inspired by the crazy, rainy weather we’re having here in Chicago. I am taking advantage of being off of work today for turning this rainy day into a me day. So what does a rainy, me day consist of? Here is my list of things I like to do on days like today:

coffee/hot tea/hot chocolate

comfy clothes

pay bills =( (I know, but it must be done)

take a nap

read a book

house chores

burn a candle

take a bubble bath

face mask

watch a movie or three =)

The possibilities are endless. These are just a few of many things that can be done a rainy day in. What are some things that you do? Well, I’m off to do some more rainy day things! Have a great day!