Welcome to beauty.life.loves.! 

I created this blog to share things that I love. Everything from beauty and fashion, life events, DIY and crafts, to an occasional girl “chat” and healthy lifestyle. I would like this page to be sort of a one stop shop for all of us everyday gals. This will be the place where things won’t be Instagram perfect. 

I am a pretty laid back gal who has a passion for trying all different kinds of things that life has to offer. I earned a B.A. in Music and have a not so secret love of Broadway. I love spending my days reading a book, taking an online class, coming up with different things that I want to create and taking the occasional nap. I also have a need to bake a ridiculous amount of cookies, and not just during the holidays! And always save some time to dance it out. (Let me know if you know where this is from.)

I also am a firm believer in self care, and work/life balance. Because of that, I have chosen to share my thoughts here. I’m an open book and love learning from others. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!


Demetra Marie


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