The Wonderful World of Jamie

Hi all! These last few weeks have been incredibly busy. A couple of things that I have been super excited about is the new season of Dancing with the Stars beginning. I’ve been thinking of doing a roundup of my thoughts weekly of the show. We can talk makeup, costumes, dancing and of course my favorites of the week! Is that something you will all be interested in?

Another thing that I’ve been looking forward to is getting back to blogging consistently. I have quite a few things coming your way and I can’t wait to share everything with you. I’ve made a few life changes in the last couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey.

Last but not least, I have two friends whom are getting married in the next few months. These girls are such great friends and I couldn’t be happier to celebrate their special day. I will be sharing some behind the scenes of their planning as well as some beauty ideas, tips and tricks that I will be using for all of the fantastic events.

What have you all been up to? Are you looking forward to something fun, new or exciting? Let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend!!


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