Toilet Paper Christmas Tree

Hello lovelies! I bringing you today a little bit of a different post. When I first decided to include a few crafty type posts, I searched through Pinterest to see what easy-ish and kid friendly I can share with you. What caught my eye were all of the different options of toilet paper roll crafts. So today we are making toilet paper roll Christmas trees!


Things you’ll need:

paint in green and any other colors you want your ornaments to be

paint brushes

3-5 toilet paper rolls


something to paint on

Not pictured: paper towels, water to rinse off brushes, glue or something to put together the rolls, scissors, lastly, Christmas music or movie! Get in to the Christmas spirit!


Step 1: Cut into roll about a 1/4 inch in, then cut around to get a shorter tube. Continue this until you get the size of tree you want. I chose to use 3 tubes.

img_2174 img_2175

img_2174 Step 2: Adhere the tubes together with glue. You can also poke holes in the tubes and use a string to tie them all together.


Step 3: Start with one side of your tubes and paint a thin layer with your green paint. Let it dry for about 3 minutes and paint on a second coat.


Step 4: After your green paint dries, grab your ornament colors. Use a small brush where the bristles are a little stiffer. You’ll be able to make “ornaments” by dotting the paint on. You won’t have to try and paint circles on. Tip: Use white paint to create a “popcorn” garland, or puffy paint to make it more 3D decor, or glitter to give it some sparkle. Add a little star to the top or a trunk to the bottom for a more tree-like look.

I would recommend this craft for kids 5-10 w/ parent or sibling assistance, or 11 and up. I say with assistance because cutting the rolls take a little bit of muscle. I chose this craft to do first because I think just about everyone has all if almost all of the supplies to complete this little project. The way that I cut the tubes, I had a little bit of a problem cutting them down evenly to the length I wanted.  Besides that, I think this is something everyone can easily do on a snow day or a family craft day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you liked this post please let me know! Anything else you want to see me try out and do? Hope you’re having a great week! See you in my next post.