Kick Off Your Shoes

Hey ladies! I apologize for my absence. Life got a little crazy and things got put on hold. Today we are talking about shoes! What gal doesn’t love shoes?! Growing up I was strictly a gym shoes girl. Towards the end of high school and all through college, I was all about comfort and heels. Complete opposites I know. Now, living in the adult world, where I’m working, trying to stay healthy and active, and appreciate an afternoon nap every once in awhile, I need to re-evaluate the shoes that I have.  I’ll take you through my thought process and what I did as I decided what shoes I will keep and the what I’ll kick to the curb (sorry couldn’t help myself).

1. Do I like them?

2. Are they practical for my current day-to-day life?

3. Will I actually wear them in the next year?

4. Do they fit? (actually fit and walk in them and won’t cause too many blisters)

5. Are they in good condition?

BEFORE: Every pair that I own.
BEFORE: Every pair that I own.


Those were the questions that I repeatedly asked myself as I went through my collection. My goal was to get almost all of my shoes onto the white or boot rack. There are a few that won’t fit which will be stored on the floor of my closet, which is completely fine by me. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve lost a lot of storage space. I was extremely brutal when it came to my shoes. I actually got rid of 2 pairs that I would like to keep, but know that I probably won’t be wearing them any time soon.

AFTER: The shoes I chose to keep.
AFTER: The shoes I chose to keep.

I kept the shoes that I wear all the time or that I know I will be wearing in the coming months. Another good reason why I chose to go through my shoes at this point in the Spring Cleaning Series is that I did purchase a few new pairs of shoes and didn’t have anywhere to put them. I hope that enjoyed taking a look through my shoes. Do you need to go through your shoes? DO IT! Now is the time! After you do share your pictures! What would you like to see me clean out next? Let me know!