Christmas Gift Ideas- What I Got Everyone for Christmas

Hello lovelies! I hope that you are all staying warm. Today I’m sharing what I got my friends and family for Christmas this year, and a few other ideas. Most of these are pretty budget friendly. I have a few items that are a little bit more expensive, but most of these are pretty affordable and won’t break the bank.

For my co-workers:


You can also add some hand lotion for the women or a little Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card to this as well. I love this idea for coworkers or a small gift to keep on hand. Who doesn’t love a little chocolate, cold weather is the perfect time to burn a great smelling candle, and with winter comes chapped lips. I lose chapstick all the time, so giving one this time of the year is perfect!

For the men:

img_2189My brother is a huge Chicago Cubs fan. This Christmas, he asked to get him useful things. I know he loves his Keurig and while he said not to get anything Cubs related, I thought why not combine the two. A tumbler is a great gift or stocking stuffer for someone that is always on the run, it’s not just for the men! Another really good option for maybe a boyfriend or husband is cologne. My boyfriend currently has the Polo Black and I love how it smells on him. His bottle is almost finished and he mentioned awhile back that he really liked it and wanted another bottle.

TIP: Pay attention throughout the year! If you hear someone saying I really like this or I want this, maybe I’ll ask for it for my birthday, Christmas, etc. Make a mental note. Pick it up for them.

For the breakfast lover or foodie:

img_2191I love the pancake and syrup combo. This idea is a little bit of a wild card. I think that this is more of mom, aunt or uncle gift. It’s something different, looks a little special if it is packaged nicely. My idea behind this kind of gift is that it is unique

For friends, sisters, mom:

img_2190 img_2192

Water bottles, candles and mugs all make great gift ideas for a friend or a sister, even mom! For those ladies in your life that are more into beauty or skincare, this is where I suggest a little bit more, or where you will tend to spend a little bit more than you are planning. If you know a lovely gal that has been wanting to try out the Beauty Blender but they don’t see the point of spending $20 on a sponge, what a great time to get them a little treat! While I agree that the price is high, it has completely changed the way I apply makeup and absolutely love it! The same thing can be said for the GlamgGlow masks. They are a very pricey but to give it as a gift to one of the special ladies in your life is an extra special gift. It is also something that they may be considering getting or trying out but really wouldn’t treat themselves to it.

A few other gift suggestions:

  • makeup gift set
  • mug filled with everything to make a cup of hot cocoa
  • home-assembled manicure/pedicure kit
  • jewelry: I’m not talking about the expensive stuff, I’m talking about a cute dainty necklace, or a simple bracelet or earring and necklace set
  • sampler set; of anything! hot chocolates, hot sauce, seasonings, coffee, etc.

I hope that you enjoyed my gift ideas and found this post useful. I thoroughly enjoy this time of the year. The lights, snow, hot chocolate, and my favorite shopping for the perfect gift for my loved ones. Have a great week and I’ll see you in my next post!


5K Experience

Hi all! I apologize for yesterday’s post coming today. This post is a little bit different from what I have been doing. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my experience. I have done a couple of 5Ks in the past but they were more of fun rather than for time. However, I did always try my best and push myself to get the fastest time that I could.

Early yesterday morning, two of my coworkers and I headed to downtown Chicago. We took part in the Hot Chocolate 5K. First we went to sleep extremely late because all three of us worked the night before. Also, because we were driving into the city, we left extremely early to ensure we had a parking spot and have plenty of time to warm up.

4:30AM Time to hit the road!
4:30AM Time to hit the road!

One thing we didn’t plan for was how cold it was! It was much colder throughout the morning before we took off at the starting line. We spent the time dancing around to music, talking with fellow runners, and of course taking a few selfies.

Sunrise! Still 32 degrees!
Sunrise! Still 32 degrees!
15 minutes from the starting line!
15 minutes from the starting line!

The race is a course, not a running laps race. I enjoyed the course. We really got to see the city in a different way, from jogging through part of Lower Wacker Drive to Michigan Ave. It was such a cool and awesome experience. I highly suggest if the Hot Chocolate race comes to a city near you, you should do it! The water station, was about two blocks long, with water, lemonade, and gatorade. Volunteers were also handing out chocolate pieces. What a treat in the middle of the run!

We finished!
We finished!

Now my friends and I ran on our own and met up near where the post-race party was going on. What was nice was that we finished within 5 minutes of each other. We weren’t waiting on each other that long. Just past the finish line, volunteers were handing out bottles of water for all the runners. I thought that was a nice “treat” as we were walking and cooling down. There was also plenty of space after the finish line for everyone to slow down and walk before entering the post party area. The post party had of course the chocolate mug/bowl of goodness, a few vendors, jumpy houses and a few other activities.

Yum! Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Fondue and other goodies!
Yum! Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Fondue and other goodies!

I have to say overall, the race was fantastic. The energy from everyone was amazing. The race was put together well and organized. Another important piece of information, plenty of port-o-potties! =)


I hope you enjoyed this post. My Mani Monday post will also be up later today! Happy Monday!