Hair Product Purge

Today we’re talking about hair. Now ladies, we all want those long luscious locks. I don’t have any secrets to get your hair long and healthy but I do have rather long hair. However while the long locks look great it is a bit much to keep up with.  I like to keep my hair routine pretty simple and while I’ve accumulated some products over the past few years. Frankly I don’t need everything that I have, so time to purge! About 2 years ago I had done my first clear out of hair products ever. So this is pretty much what I kept from then with a couple of additions.

A few things to keep in mind when going through your hair products. This includes your shampoos and conditioners. I just have a couple of “backups” with these items so you will only see those and not what I’m using in the shower (they are the same thing).


Before-Hair Purge


The following are a few things I kept in mind:

  1. Is it old/expired? (yes your hair products can expire)
  2. Do I even like the product?
  3. Does it work? (believe me I’ve held onto items thinking I can get them to work)
  4. Do I find it useful still?



After-Hair Purge


As you can see it seems like I didn’t get rid of much. I mainly got rid of the items that don’t work for me at all or have expired.  Like I said in a previous post, this Spring Cleaning Series was spurred by me moving rooms in my house. Another important fact is that my style is slowly changing. I’m finding that an easy, simple hair routine is what works for me, and I don’t need styling products taking up cabinet space.

If you want a review of any of the products that I’m keeping or tossing even let me know!