My Christmas Wish List 2017

Hello lovelies! Welcome back! Today I’m sharing with you the few items that are on my Christmas wish list. I know some of the items are not that glamorous, and actually most of it is stuff that I need. So let’s see what is on my list.

2.5 & 8 pound weights

water tumbler

coffee tumbler

bed sheets

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon perfume

shirts to work out in

sports bras

That’s everything on my list. I know it’s not very exciting but this year I’ve chosen to go with things that I really need rather want. Obviously I don’t need the perfume and that is something that I want. It’s funny how when we are kids all we want are toys and whatever the cool new things are, and now as adults we would prefer to get things that we actually need. I hope you have a great Thursday and I’ll see you in my next post.


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