Fall 2017 Bucket List~Update!!

Hello lovelies! Happy Halloween!! Welcome back! Today I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to and how many things I’ve crossed off my fall bucket list. I’ve been having a great time trying to cross off each item on my list. There are 40 items on my list, and so far I’ve accomplished 14 of them!! We are 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving! I know that this week alone, I will be crossing off a few for items. I will say that when I first starting to complete things on the list, I would forget to document it. I will include the few photos that I did take.

Here are the things that I’ve already done this fall:

Bake a pie

Watch a sunset

Enjoy a foggy morning walk

Burn some new candles

Watch a new show

Try a new flavored coffee

Go window shopping

Visit a cornmaze

Go apple picking

Bake rice crispie treats

Eat corn on the cob

Visit a farm/pumpkin farm

Go on a hayride

Make caramel apples

First thing is first, I originally put down to make candy apples on my original list. Did you know that caramel apples and candy apples are completely different? I had no idea about that, so on the completed list I changed it to caramel apples.

Here are the things I still have to do during this fall season:

Have a fall photo shoot

Make a breakfast casserole

Eat candy corn

Go on a bike ride

Create a fall scrapbook

Make a caramel smoothie

Make pumpkin dip

Watch a fall movie

Go thrift shopping

Make a chili

Put together a large puzzle

Roast pumpkin seeds

Make a new Thanksgiving dish

Decorate for fall

Make apple cider

Roast marshmallows/s’mores

Go hiking/naturewalk

Have a bonfire

Make a “thankful for” list

Have a popcorn movie day

Make granola/trail mix

Make pumpkin bread

Paint/carve pumpkins

Have a picnic in the park

Rake leaves for a neighbor

Learn the history of Thanksgiving

There you have it. The things that I’ve been up to the past few weeks, and the things that I need to do soon. What are your fall traditions? Is there something that is on your must do list every year? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. That’s all for today. Have a fantastic and safe Halloween night. I’ll see you in my next post.




October Play! by Sephora Unboxing

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you everything that came in my October Play box. This month’s theme is Complexion Companions. Everything that comes in this months box is supposed to give your skin a smooth, hydrated and evened out look. Just like every month there is the bonus perfume sample. When I first opened the box there is the little bag that everything comes in and it says Public Display of Complexion, which I thought was a cute play on words.

First there is the perfume. I received the Tory Burch Bel Azur. I was actually hoping to receive the Chanel Gabrielle in my box and a bit disappointed that I didn’t, but after smelling this, I am hooked. I’m interested in how this will wear on me throughout the day. It is very similar the the Replica Beachwalk, but less sunscreen smelling and much more warm and fresh. The Bel Azur is a fresh, slightly sweet and warm scent. It is the perfect transition perfume from summer to fall and even into winter. The price of this sample size would be about $8, with the rollerball being $30, the 1.7 oz is $96 and the 3.4 oz is $126.

Next up there is the Dr. Brandt Pore Dermabrasion pore perfecting exfoliator. I am excited to try this out. I have been having a peeling issue on my nose, that no matter what I do it will peel. I’ve also noticed that I have a bit of texture in a couple of places, so I’m hoping that this will help. If you were to purchase this little sample size it would cost about $7.50, the full size retails for $58.

The next product is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster. This is a serum that you can use before you use a primer or you can mix a tiny bit in to some of your thicker full coverage foundations to sheer out the coverage. I’m not sure if I’m going to like this. I feel like most of the time I am in a hurry and to add an extra step to my routine that already works for me. I will try it out and let you know how I get on with it. If this was an option to purchase this would sell for about $14, and the full size retails for $41.

We all know how important it is to prime our face so that our makeup will last all day. I received the Urban Decay optical Illusion Complexion Primer. I love trying out new primers. I feel like this could be a really good primer for me throughout the winter months. If any of you live in the Midwest or on the northern east coast, you’ll know how cold and dry the air can be. I feel like this could give my skin a little bit of added moisture and allow my makeup to look staying great all day. This size would retail for about $5. The full size retails for $34.

Next we have the Make Up For Ever Ultra Hd Invisible Cover foundation. I already know that I love this foundation, however, I have quite a hard time finding the right shade. I’ve bought the full size of this before and had to return it twice and still I do not have the right shade. The shade I currently own will work if I self tan, which is rare, or if I’m out in the sun a lot during the summer. In the meantime, I got a foundation I love in a new shade that I can try out. The shade that came in the box is Y245. So keep your fingers crossed that this shade works for me! This little sample size approximately costs $5. The full size retails for $43.

Last up is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist. I just have to say that Tarte has the cutest mini size packaging. I’m excited to try this out. I haven’t found any other setting spray that can beat out my Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray. I’m very interested in how this will work and help pro-long the wear time of my makeup. This cute mini would retail for $3 if sold in stores, while the 1 oz retails for $12 and the 2.5 oz retails for $25.

That’s everything that came in my October Sephora Play box. Do you subscribe to Sephora Play? What did you get in your box this month? Did you love it or hate it? I hope you all enjoyed this post. Have a great, festive, and safe Halloween weekend! I will see you all in my next post!



Sick Day Routine

Hello lovelies! Nothing like getting sick and tooth problems to derail the momentum I had going. Today I’m sharing with you what I do when I’m home sick all day. Thankfully after some over the counter pain reliever, and a trip to the dentist, I’m feeling much better and not sleeping every chance I get.

First thing in the morning, I put on some comfy cozy slippers and headed downstairs for something warm to drink. I will usually make myself a cup of coffee, but this morning I changed it up. I stirred up a cup of a chai tea latte. I would share the recipe or direct you to where I got the recipe from, but it was a Christmas gift from a family friend.

Once my tea is stirred up, I went back to bed and turned on Netflix. I know Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, but I started watching the made for tv movies/Hallmark channel-esque, Christmas movies. I am that person, that the second Christmas music starts playing on the radio, I listen to it 24/7. Also, the second Thanksgiving is over, I’m decorating my house.

That’s it! That’s what I do on days when I’m sick. What do you do on days you’re not feeling well? If you want to see my morning or night time routine, or if you have any other suggestions, let me know! I will have a Fall Bucket List Update soon! I have been busy working on that list, it was been so much fun doing things on that list, and I’m excited to share an update with you. That’s all for now. Stay warm and have a great day!

5 Favorite Fall Nail Colors

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you my favorite nail colors for this fall. I know I have done this type of post the last couple of years, but I figured things change, trends change, and I really like buying nail polish.  A couple of the colors you’ve seen in past seasonal favorite nail posts, and the others are brand new. So to prevent this post from getting too long, let’s jump in.

First up is a repeat offender. It is OPI’s Brisbane Bronze. I know I’ve told you all about this shade before. I love it, I use it every fall and in fact it is currently on my toes. It is the perfect sparkly brown, coppery, bronze shade.

Then we have the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear polish in 622 Retro Grade. It is a grey that is more on the mid-dark side. It is a creme formula, and if you’re in a hurry you can get away with just doing one coat. This shade is perfect for all year round or if you’re tide to dark shades in the fall and winter and bright/light shades in the spring and summer, it works as a great transition color between summer and fall.

Then we have the Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail gloss(polish) in Sapphire Flare. I believe this shade is also a repeat offender. It is a beautiful dark blue in a creme formula. Its a great neutral option and can still come off as a professional color and not an inappropriate color for the office.

The last two shades are definitely on the darker side. The first one is Carry On by Essie. It is a deep purple almost an eggplant shade. This again is a creme formula. I think there is a theme here with the exception of the first polish. I love creme formula nail polishes. Again because the shade is on the darker side, it is work appropriate, or can be used for a more formal occasion. The last shade is a cult favorite, and really what got me into darker nail colors. It is OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. This is my absolute favorite fall/winter shade. I know I’ve shared this shade with you before, and the reason why it keeps popping up is because I really do love the color and the formula. It is a deep, deep dark purple that looks almost black. Once again another creme formula.

That’s everything! Those are my 5 favorite nail colors for fall. What are your favorites? Do you favor creme or glittery formulas? Any colors or brands or formulas I should try out? What would you like to see next? Clothing haul? Random fall favorites? A daily routine? Leave your suggestions in the comments. Have a great day and see you in my next post!

3 Podcasts You Should Listen To

Hello lovelies! Welcome back! Today I’m sharing three of my favorite podcasts that I think you should listen to. Each podcast has a different theme and cover completely different topics. One is very entertaining, informative, spiritual, and covers some taboo topics. The second one is great for someone looking for some fashion inspiration and tips. The last one is probably my favorite, and I believe it feeds into my ocd and the need to clean out and organize everything constantly.

The first podcast is That’s So Retrograde. It is hosted by Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari. I would say that this podcast is focused more on wellness and lifestyle. They cover topics from spiritual to food to health and wellness, all while providing a bit of comic relief. This is the perfect type of podcast to listen to while driving, in the shower, or cleaning. Whenever I listen to an episode, I feel like I’m hanging out with friends.

My next podcast of choice would be The Style Success Podcast by Mallory Sills. With so many things online, in magazines and on tv, us as women find the pressure to wear the right thing, or constantly be on trend. What I love about Mallory is that she provides tips and tricks that make it so easy for the every day woman to dress and feel put together. She takes a lot of the guess work out for everyone. What I appreciate about the way she connects with her listeners, is that she asks what information they want to know. She will encourage them to send in their questions so she can answer them and use it as a topic in future podcasts. I feel like this makes her more real in the sense she breaks what everyone thinks the way a personal stylist is.

The last podcast feeds my need to continually go through things in my home and have everything organized. It is the podcast Organize 365 the Podcast, and is hosted by Lisa Woodruff. She is extremely relatable, she makes it seem like she has it all put together, and she has extremely great ides when it comes to cleaning and organizing your home. I have found a pattern that she tends to record her podcasts on her phone waiting for her children to get out of school. I think she is definitely a super-mom. I love listening to her episodes in the car. I’ll be honest, not all the topics relate to me or my life, but I still find many of them motivating and inspirational; almost to the point of me wanting to get home as soon as possible so I can start on my next project.

Well that’s everything for today! What podcasts have you been listening to? Are there any podcasts that I should check out? I am open to suggestions and they can cover any topic, not just health, wellness, or fashion. Thank you all for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post.

September: The loved and unloved

Hello lovelies! I’m starting something kind of new. The loved and unloved is going to be my favorites series. I haven’t decided on how often I will do this type of post, but will do this at least on a monthly basis. My intention with this type of post is to share with you the things that I am loving the most. When it comes to the things that are considered to be unloved, they are going to be comprised of things that are good products but didn’t work for me, and products that just didn’t work for me and I think wouldn’t work for anyone else. If you love any of the items that I’m not a fan of, let me know how you use it! I may be using it completely different and that could be why it won’t work for me. Now that I’ve given you all of that info, let’s see what I’ve been loving and not loving for the month of September.


First up I have the combination of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the Matte+Poreless and the Dewy+Smooth formula. More often than not when you hear someone mixing foundations they are two different brands and two different formulas. For me this combination is amazing. I put the a very small amount on my forehead, chin and a bit on either side of my nose. The rest of my face I’ll use the dewy+smooth formula. I’ll apply both formulas with a beauty blender and sometimes use a brush when I’m in a rush.

Next up is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Perversion. I forgot how much I loved this liner. It is super black and lasts forever. Sticking with eyes, I am also loving the E.L.F. HD Under Eye Powder. This keeps my under eye concealer on all day, it doesn’t allow the concealer to crease, and dare I say it my holy grail?! For lips I have been loving the Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint in 05 Stripped Down. This color is the perfect, my lips, with a hint of pink, but better shade. It lasts a decent amount of time and fades nicely.

The last two items are a perfume and a hair product. The perfume I have been loving the last month is the Dolce and Gabbanna Light Blue. The scent is light, flowery yet has a deep, sexy scent within it, creating a nice day to night balance. Now for the hair product, I have absolutely been loving the Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow it (H)air Styler. I have never loved a hair product so much in my life. I’ll be honest with you guys. When it comes to hair, I just don’t know what to do, or I’m lazy, or a combination of both. So when I decided to pull the Don’t Blow It styler out of my stash, after the first time I used it, I knew I was going to repurchase it in the full size when I used this small tube up. This is the only thing that will keep my hair in its natural state all day and easily into the next day. I have been searching for years, and I mean well over 10 years for something like this.Thank you Sephora Play box for this little gem!


Since I talked on and on about everything that I loved I will keep my unloved short and sweet. First up is the Lancome Visionnaire Yeux Eye on Correction eye balm. It’s a nice eye cream, however it’s too thick for my under eyes and there are small particles of glitter in it that you can see on your skin. So for that reason I would not repurchase this. The other eye area product that I am not a big fan of is the Maybelline the Falsies Pushup Drama Mascara. The formula itself is not clumpy, but when applying it clumps my lashes together. The other issue I have with this is that when I try to apply on my outer lashes or close to the root, almost always there is mascara on my cheek or my eyelid, or I poke myself in the eye. Ouch!

The last couple of products are for the face. There is the Farmacy Skin Dew and the Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. There are a couple of reasons why I am not a fan of the Farmacy Skin Dew. For one, the spray is fairly aggressive, and leaves quite a bit of the product in large droplets on my face that take awhile to sink in to the skin. If you use this to refresh your makeup, it will ruin your makeup by leaving droplets all over your face. Now for the Korres sleeping facial, this is heavily scented and it lingers on your skin all night. I use this only at night and when I go to sleep I can smell before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning, the scent is still there.

Well that’s everything that I have loved and unloved for the month of September. What have you been loving this last month? What should I try out? Are some of the products that I’m not a fan of your favorite? Tell me how you use it and why you like it. I would love to hear from you. Have a great day and see you in my next post.


Happy Fall!