The Great Fall Clear Out: Shoes Edition

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you my shoe collection. If you remember one of my earlier posts was me cleaning everything out including going through all of my shoes. So this clear out will be a short and sweet clear out. Since my last clean out, I have only purchased shoes that I actually needed.  So this is all of my shoes set up on my bed (the only place I could fit all of them in one place).

img_2183In the picture there are a total of 32 pairs of shoes. I was wearing a pair of Nike slides that I wear around the house and found a pair of flip flops tucked away in the corner of my closet. As I was standing at the foot of my bed, I was staring at all of my shoes, and realized I did a very good job of getting rid of shoes the last time I did this. Total I got rid of 6 pairs of shoes.

img_2186All of my shoes neatly fit on my shelf and floor of my closet. I have under 30 pairs of shoes and I couldn’t be happier. As you can see I do have a few holes in my collection. My plan to fill these holes is to shop seasonally and when I can find a great deal. I’m also looking for quality instead of just getting a pair to fill the hole.

Well that is all for today. I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek at my shoe collection. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you in my next post!


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