My Go-To Breakfast

Hi lovelies! Today I’m sharing my go-to breakfast that I eat almost every morning. On mornings when I have a little time to whip something up, I love grabbing a pan and whatever veggies I have on hand into a pan. I’m in need of going grocery shopping,  only veggies that I have left are frozen diced onions and mixed peppers. Cooking time wise it does take a little longer but I can’t stand cutting up veggies first thing in the morning.


Depending on how hungry I am or how long of a day I have going on I’ll have 2-3 eggs. Today I went for three. I cook my eggs up either as an omelette, which turns more into a scramble, or over medium. Yes, I’m still trying to perfect how to cook eggs over medium. I have to make sure my eggs are cooked well enough, otherwise I will get sick.

First, I toss in my frozen veggies. Like I said all I have today are onions and mixed bell peppers. I have also added frozen corn, fresh sliced white mushrooms, and minced garlic. As you can see above I make a “hash” out of these veggies. I cook them for about 5 minutes, sometimes I cook them longer. When those are done, I transfer them to my plate.

Next, I’ll respray my pan if I need to and add my eggs to the pan. This morning my eggs took about 2-3 for both sides. When those were done. I turned off the oven and put the eggs on top of my veggie hash. Sprinkle cayenne pepper over the top and voila! Breakfast done and ready to eat in less than 10 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed my food post. I’m looking forward to sharing some more of my favorite foods and recipes with you. Have a great weekend! See you in my next post!

xo Jamie



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