Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Mascara Review

Hi all! I know that I just did a mascara review last week, but I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on the Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Mascara. I purchased it in the waterproof version. This product has been out for awhile now, but am now just getting around to testing it out. I am going to quickly list the things that I liked about this product and the things that I don’t. I will also let you know if I will repurchase this or not.



Formula- just wet enough, but that is all I liked about it

Brush- shape is easy to get inner and outer corner lashes

Color- very pigmented and black

Application- applies easily but can’t be layered too much


Clumps- For myself, it clumps and volumizes but it doesn’t look very nice.

Messy- this gets all over my lids when applying, I’m still using it and it some how ended up on my cheek!

Wear- After awhile it does flake a bit. I notice little black flecks around my eyes.

Sensitivity- irritates my eyes on occasion, happens when it flakes


For me, I am not a fan of this product. While I do like the shape of the brush and the consistency of it, it is not my absolute favorite formula. I am also going to try with a lengthening or a lighter everyday mascara first and then layer this on top and see how it affects the wear. This may be your favorite, but it is not mine, and that’s ok! I’m here to share my opinion on different things. I love that different things work for different people and when the same things work for different people, that’s awesome too! Have you tried this mascara out? What are your thoughts? I would like to hear them! Have any tips on how to apply without it getting all over your face?  Rating: 5/10


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