Sweater Weather Tag!

Hi all! I love fall and everything that goes with it. I know we are well into the fall season but after reading so many others Sweater Weather Tag posts, I couldn’t help but do it myself! I hope you enjoy!

What is your favorite candle scent?

Leaves! I always have at least two backups.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

All three! Can that be my answer? Coffee-out of necessity, Tea-to stay healthy, Hot Chocolate-cozy night in

What’s the best fall memory you have?

Going to the pumpkin farm with my family every year. I love the tradition.

What’s your favorite book that you’ve read this fall?

I haven’t read anything so far this fall =( I’m still slowly working my way through Moby Dick. I’m open to suggestions! What is everyone reading?

Which makeup trend do you prefer; dark lips or winged eyeliner?

Winged eyeliner for sure. While I like dark lips, it tends to have a Snow White effect on me. I have darker hair and pale skin.

Best fragrance for fall?

Dot by Marc Jacobs. It’s such a great fragrance for all year round.

Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Turkey, stuffing, veggies

What is autumn weather like where you live?

Cold, breezy, rainy sometimes, and every once in awhile a warm day. Sometimes that happens all in one day!

Most worn sweater?

I wear all of mine some what equally, but probably my oatmeal colored sweater. It’s lightweight and keeps me warm.

Must-have nail polish this fall?

A good nude, a deep berry,purple or blue, and a bronzey or golden glittery shade. I can’t pick just one!

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Football games!

Skinny jeans or leggings?

Skinny Jeans for sure!

What is something that nobody knows about you?

That’s like telling my deepest, darkest secret! haha

Combat boots or UGGs?

I don’t own either. Cowboy boots?

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

After working for Starbucks for 6 years. It is still by far my favorite fall drink! I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it!

Favorite fall TV show?

Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and Dancing with the Stars. My two favorite movies would be Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin Patch and Thanksgiving!

What song really gets you in the fall spirit?

I don’t think I have a song. I could always go with my childhood favorite…the Monster Mash! haha or the Adams Family song


There you have it!! I hope everyone has a happy hump day! I have exciting things coming and I can’t wait to share with all of you! Have any of you done this Tag? Share it below! I would love to see what your fall favorites! =)

Manicure of the Week!

Hi all!! Today’s post is all about the nails. I’ve decided that Mondays will be themed as Mani Mondays! From when I was a young girl I always loved getting my nails done at a salon or painting them myself. I do have to say that I have gotten pretty good at painting my own nails. This definitely saves me some cash, but I do love my nail polish. As you saw in my previous clear out posts, I had quite a collection of nail polish.

In the spirit of Halloween, I chose to go with orange nails! I used Covergirl Glossy Days Glosstinis in the shade #ElectroGlow. I can’t lie. This shade is definitely a little more traffic cone orange than pumpkin orange, but it is orange and it’s Halloween week!


I hope that you will enjoy this new series! Have a Happy Monday!!!

Summer Empties!

We are now officially in the fall season! While I love the sunshine and warm weather, nothing beats the crisp fall air. Today I’m sharing with you quite a few things that I’ve used up over the course of the summer.

We have often heard the phrase that beauty is only skin deep. However, I believe it begins with what we put into our bodies. While the first set of items isn’t all that glamorous, it is an important part in many peoples lives. I’m talking about vitamins. I’m not a doctor, nor do I have any kind of medical background. Please consult a medical professional when adding something new to your regimen. Below are the few different varieties that I’ve tried out over the course of the last few months. My new favorite and flavor are the One A Day VitaCraves Chewy Bites in the Chocolate Brownie flavor. I’m currently finishing up my third bottle and will start my fourth bottle. I can not swallow pills and I find these a great chew-able option for me.

My next little group of empties is something that is all over the blog and YouTube universe. I’m talking about candles!! I have been obsessed with candles long before I discovered YouTube and blogging. In the last few months I have used up 5, yes 5 candles. I used up two Coconut Leaves, which I found the scent sweet, yet refreshing and not too over powering. I would definitely repurchase this candle again. Rainforest Sugarcane provided a light, refreshing scent to the room. I’m not sure if I will repurchase this one. It smelled nice but the scent was barely there. Pink Petal Tea Cake has a lovely floral scent. It was one of my favorites that I have burned in my bathroom. Last is the Georgia Peach candle. I LOVE THIS!!! This is by far my favorite scent. The scent just floated throughout the house. It was sweet and airy and not over powering. Great scent that can go from spring to summer to even fall!

Finally we have come to the beauty, skin and body empties. To keep this post from getting super long I’ll tell you whether I like each product and if I will repurchase it.

  1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Hand lotion- Love it! I already have a full size tube. Definitely will repurchase over and over again.
  2. Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner in Black- It’s very black but it doesn’t last. I won’t be repurchasing this.
  3. Alba Hawaiian 3-in-1 clean towelettes- Love the smell. Worked to freshen up a bit. I won’t be repurchasing this.
  4. Up and Up Cleansing Towelettes- Love these! I already purchased another package.
  5. Bio true Contact Solution- Love it. Doesn’t irritate my eyes. Repurchased my 5th bottle!
  6. Clean and Clear Morning Burst(travel size)- Love this. Love the smell. Definitely will repurchase.
  7. L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara- My favorite drugstore mascara. I will repurchase after I use up some other mascaras that I have.
  8. Lush Tea Tree Toner Water- Love this stuff. This was my second bottle. It saved my skin two years ago. I already repurchased this!
  9. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub- Love the scent and how it works. Already repurchased!
  10. Benefit Porefessional (samples)- Love this! I’m going more natural or no make up lately. I purchased the small travel size.
  11. Olay body lotion- love the scent. I have so many lotions right now I’ll wait to repurchase.
  12. Klorane Dry shampoo (travel size)- I bought this to try it out. I loved it! I will eventually repurchase the regular size as a treat.

I hope you all enjoy going through my trash. I’m thinking about doing posts like this, maybe seasonally? Let me know what you think! What have you used up? Is there something out there that I should try? Let me know! Also is anyone else having a hard time inserting photos into their posts? I can’t get any of the ones that go with this post to be uploaded. Thank you all for the help! Happy Monday!