First Impression and Review: Ulta Amped Lashes

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Ulta’s Amped Lashes mascara. It claims to add volume and define your lashes. I have it in Jet Black and in the regular formula. I got this from a kit that you get when you spend so much on an Ulta brand purchase. If bought on its own, it costs $10, is slightly more than drugstore price but definitely comparable. I have to be honest when I went to use this, I was really nervous. I was in the middle of a show and had to put mascara on and my other mascara ran out! I was pleasantly surprised.

Ulta Mascara

Formula and Wand: The formula is a cream formula. It’s a little on the thick side and thought I was going to end up with clumpy lashes. When I pulled the wand out, a ton of product came out. I just wiped the excess on the inside edge of the tube. The wand is a rubber, tapered wand. I really like the tapered end because I can really get to the tiny lashes on the inner and outer corners. I had used a different mascara that had a rubber wand and it was really flimsy. This wand is much more sturdy and doesn’t bend in any direction.

Ulta Mascara Wand

Claims: The mascara tube says volume and defining mascara. I somewhat agree with these claims. It didn’t volumize my lashes very much. While many women want to have huge volumized lashes, I think that during the day the a more natural appearance is appropriate. If having full on large lashes and adding falsies is your thing, then do it!! I love the look but it is not for me for a casual day to day schedule.

Ulta Mascara Before after

With the first swipe, I knew I had found my every day mascara. It gave just a nice natural bump up length wise without the over the top length. I love the wispy look it gave my lashes. I have to say that it did not flake throughout my performances. I put it to the real test when I headed to the Chicago Blackhawks parade and rally. It was 80 plus degrees outside and the humidity was intense. I put it on at 8 am and took it off at 8 am. Yes with the intense heat and humidity, and 12 hours later the mascara was still there and looked almost as good as it did in the morning. There was a little bit of flaking but that could also have been because of rubbing my eye a little bit.


I’m giving the Ulta Amped Lashes Volumizing and Defining Mascara an 8/10.


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