Decisions, Decisions…

Hey lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful and festive Memorial Day weekend. I’ve been doing some thinking about my next post as well as my posting schedule. Tackling my next post has been not necessarily difficult, but unsure of how I would like to take you through my make up collection clear out. Would you like for me to do the entire collection all at once or my category? Let me know!

As far as my posting schedule, I would like to be posting twice a week. I had started out posting on Monday and Wednesday. The next month or so it will change. I will post for sure once a week, on Wednesdays. I have been way too busy to really focus and put out two great posts a week. I want to put out great material and not just post something just because it is a certain day of the week.

My next post will be me clearing out my make up collection. It may be up sometime this week or next week. It will be the last post of my Spring Cleaning Series. What would you like me to do next? Haul? Review? First Impressions?


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