Spring Cleaning

Hey all! So I have decided to slim down the amount of things I have. This was spurred by switching rooms in my house. I’ve gone from an 18 x 15 room, with an extended wrap around closet, to a 15 x 12 room with two standard size closets. Also spring is underway and summer is almost here! In the next few weeks I am going to take you through my collections of clothes, makeup, bath and body products. I’ll show you what I started with and what I will keep and what I will toss/donate.

A few things to keep in mind when going through your stuff. When it comes to clothes, I give gently used or brand new items to a family that I know. Things that have been worn a bit more and still in good condition I donate. Clothing that has been worn out, torn, rip, or the color is fading I will just toss in the garbage. Cosmetics I don’t share with anyone. Sometimes I do give some items to my sister that I’ve used only once or twice, the rest I toss it in the trash. The same thing goes for bath and body items. Anything that is old, expired, or I just don’t need or use anymore will be given away.

On Wednesday, I will share my monthly favorites. Let the cleaning begin!!!


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