What’s in My Bag?

Today I’m taking you through my bag. I have to admit, I did just switch to this bag a week ago and I love it! It is still fairly clean and organized, so don’t expect me to have a pile of receipts at the bottom. Which by the way I do tend to have. My bag I purchased from Payless, and is designed by Christian Soriano. It is black leather with a white patch with a web type detail on the front. There is also a front pocket and gold zipper detailing on the sides. The bag has a zip closure and inside has one large compartment with two small pouches on one side and one zipper pocket on the other.

Now that I’ve taken you through the structure of the bag, let’s go through it. The first and largest thing is my planner. I purchased it in December from Target for $10. Next I have an assortment of pens that I use to keep things organized and color coded in my planner. I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I have had for about 7 years. My wallet is also from Payless and is by Christian Soriano. It has the same black leather and gold zipper detail. The last item that is in the large compartment is my make up bag. The two small pouches contain a pack of gum and 2 lip balms and lip glosses. The zippered pocket have a hand lotion and some hand sanitizer.


I hope that you enjoyed digging through my bag with me today. Have a great weekend!


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